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Titanium Grade (Titanium Grade)




Grade 5

Grade 7

Grade 1

Commercially Pure
(Pure Titanium)

Grade 2

Commercially Pure
(Pure Titanium)

Grade 4

Commercially Pure
(Pure Titanium)

Grade 9

Grade 16

Alloy 6Al4V


​Alloy 3Al 2.5V


Grade 23

​Alloy 6Al4VELI

​Low Oxygen

​Standard Oxygen

Extra High Oxygen

6% Al, 4% V

Gr-2+0.15% Pd

3% Al, 2.5% V

Gr-2+0.08% Pd

6% Al, 4% V ELI



High Strength


​High Corrosion


​Crevice Corrosion


​Titanium Plate


​Titanium plate according to ASME B265 standard

​Sheet thickness 0.5mm to 30mm length and width 2000 x 6000mm 

​Clear provenance 


​Sheet Titanium


​Tube Titanium


​Pipe Titanium

Sheet Titanium 

​Sheet thickness less than 0.5 mm length and width from 500 x 1000 mm 

Titanium Pipe according to ASTM B337 B338 B861

​Divided into 2 types

Seamless Tube 

OD – 1/8 (3.18 mm) to 1-1/2 (38.1mm) Wall-0.016 (4 mm) to 0.065 (1.65 mm)
OD – 1/2 (12.7 mm) to 2 (50.8 mm) Wall -0.028 (0.71 mm) to 0.065 (1.65 mm)

Pipe Titanium according to ASTM B861-10

Standard Pipe Titanium is the standard pipe size in North America. Available with standard pipe sizes at high or low pressure and temperature.

(Other special metals)

 Nikel Alloy : 200/201, B2, 600, 625, 686, 718, 825, 276, 22, Monel K500, Monel 400

 Duplex : UNS 31803, 32205, 32760, Ferralium 255-SD50, S32750, S32760


Zicronium, Niobium, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Tungsten


​Round Bar Titanium

Titanium bar (round shape) as standard. ASTM B265 B348 F136

Dimensions: Dia 3 mm to 400 mm maximum length 2000 mm
Origin: China, America, Europe, Japan


Wire Titanium

Titanium wire according to ASTM B863 AWS 5.16 for welding or bending, forming various parts. There are 2 types: Titanium wire used for welding and Titanium wire used for bending. Available in rolls and straight rods up to 2000 mm in length. Diameter sizes from 0.2 mm to 3 mm.


Fitting Titanium

Fitting Titanium includes Elbow Pipe Union Concentric Reducer Eccentric Reducer Lap Joint Stub End Straight Tee Pipe, Pipe Union ,Socket, Welding Outlet, Threaded Outlet, Weld. Cap , Nipple 1/8 NPS to 6 NPS Sch 10S and Sch 40S x 20 RL max

​Fastenners Titanium (Titanium Screw Bolts) 

Bolts and screws are made of high hardness Titanium, good corrosion resistance, easy to color. There are many sizes and designs. In addition, there are other types of Titanium lamp washers

Type Type:

Hex Head Bolt
Flat Head Slotted Machine Screw

Pan Head Slotted Machine Screw
Round Head Slotted Machine Screw

Round Head Phillips Machine Screw
Hex Socket Set Screw

Hex Socket Cap Screws

Type Type:

Hex Nut

Flat Washer
Lock Washer

Threaded Rod

Threaded Stud
M3 through M60 x Speci ed Lengthsh

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