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​Products of Prolog Titanium Thailand

Hình ảnh Vật Liệu Titanium

Titanium Material

Anodizing Products

 Accessories for Electro-plating and Anodizing Industry.

Electronic Products

Accessories For Electronic Industry

​Titanium materials such as Titanium plate, Titanium tube, Titanium Pipe, Titanium cylinder, Titanium welding rod......

Titanium with high corrosion resistance is used to manufacture Titanium baskets, Titanium jigs and many other products used in Electro-Plating 

Electronic titanium is widely used in the electronics industry for wave soldering because titanium does not adhere to Lead and is highly resistant to corrosion.

 Petrochemical Products

Equipment for Chemical, Chlor-Alkali and Petro chemical Industries.

The petrochemical industry basically uses titanium to make equipment such as Titanium storage tanks, Titanium heat exchangers...

 Rubber Industry Products

 Some Other Products

​With good anti-corrosion properties Titanium is used in many manufacturing processes of production equipment parts related to chemical corrosion 

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