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ISO 9001

     Prolog Titanium Corporation Co., Ltd. was established in 2005  as the first Titanium service provider in the Titanium industry in Thailand. We have been serving our customers for over 16 years, supplying Titanium products to a wide range of market segments and industries using Titanium. And we also have the ability to purchase various metal materials from many manufacturers.

      Prolog Titanium Corporation is also a manufacturer of products made from Titanium and special metals other, quality assurance. With the uniqueness of being a strong, lightweight material it has high corrosion resistance and many other metallic properties. Titanium is also used in the aerospace, medical, electrochemical, automotive and many other industries.


     Prolog Titanium is also a Titanium material distributor with sources from many Titanium metal manufacturers from many countries like USA, Japan, Europe, China and many other countries in the world. In addition, there is a variety of shapes and sizes such as plates, shafts, pipes, welding wires .... Ensure both quantity and quality of products with suitable prices.    

     Prolog Titanium is also an expert in manufacturing Titanium equipment products with a team of skilled technicians High professional has more than 16 years of experience in designing and manufacturing products from Titanium and other special metals for use in plating, electrolysis, petrochemical industries.. and a number of industries. Other industries have encountered chemical corrosion problems. Our expert engineers are also members of ITA (ITA), a global membership, which deals with the use of Titanium materials.

Thailand's experienced leader and one-stop service destination in the production and supply of high quality Titanium products.




Becoming an organizational specialist can achieve a lot of continued success in the Titanium business: producing high-quality and customer-accepted products; provide a prompt and full cycle service; capable of generating sustainable business benefits for shareholders; and demonstrate exceptional ability to develop performance standards for excellence in order to maintain outstanding leadership and accomplishment


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